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The Internet Dictionary: What Does 555 Mean?

The curious mathematical case behind angel numbers like 555

25 October, 2022

Are you seeing the numbers 555 everywhere?

You might, for example, keep seeing the time 5:55pm every time you glance to check the clock at work, or your eye might open at 5:55am and you not understand why.

You might pay exactly £5.55 for some items at the store, or you might see 555 show up in random numbers beside each other during a lottery announcement.

So what does 555 mean?

555 is considered an “angel number”, which means it has meaning by virtue of the digits.

What is an angel number?

In the school of thought of numerology, angel numbers like 555 are a repetitive sequence of three or four numbers (e.g. 111 or 999) or a recurring pattern (e.g. 1234). These are notable for having a recurring presence in our physical world and are widely thought to convey a spiritual or divine meaning or symbol of higher meaning.

The term “angel number” was popularised by Doreen Virtue at the dawn of the New Age movement, who claims that in a past life, she studied under Pythagoras.

What are some of 555’s spiritual meanings?

Meaning #1: Constant change and transformation. This could be either external or internal. It’s an action-oriented number meaning things may be changing physically, such as one’s career, relationships, appearance or home.

These changes may also be considered to be abstract – for example mental health, maturity, self-growth or even traumas may be healing and changing for the better.

In the context of romantic love, the meaning does not change. It could symbolise the rejuvenation of a romance, to make it feel fresh and exciting as if it were the beginning of the relationship, even if several years have passed. Or there may be other positive changes in store such as new relationship milestones that are around the corner (i.e. commitment or marriage, planned pregnancy, deeper connection). Alternatively, it could also mean a new relationship is in store and is yet to materialise.

In the professional context, it means that more career opportunities lie ahead. 555 encourages curiosity, experimentation and boldness to take on new adventures and challenges whether that be in the workplace or not. It encourages an open mind to invite these opportunities: such as speaking to different types of people, signing up to different areas of interest and exerting yourself in different directions for success.

Meaning #2: Surprise. The flip side of change and transformation is dramatic, unexpected change which could borderline surprise. A change that you did not foresee or notice was happening is suddenly materialising. Note, however, that this change will still be inherently positive for you, even if that is not immediately obvious at the beginning.

Meaning #3: Adventure and liveliness. This relates to a period in one’s life which is adventurous, filled with positive fluctuation and the freedom to experience different emotions rather than the mundane.

Meaning #4: Freedom from negative vices. These may be behavioural or physical addictions, but 555 is thought to symbolise a period of liberation from addictive behaviour and a strong sense of detachment.

Meaning #5: Inspiration. This is likely coming through other people and one’s connection to them, however fleeting this may be. This could take the form of conversations with others around you, or even the lyrics of music, the script of film and quotes of culture that you find in your environment.

Is there any one predominant meaning of 555?

Like all angel numbers, there are multiple meanings of certain sequences of digits. However, 555 is mostly associated with positive change and transformation as its core meaning – with the other meanings above flowing from this.

What is the origin of numbers like 555?

Pythagorian Numerology

Interestingly, angel numbers are thought to have been around for thousands of years, dating back to Ancient Greek civilisation. Mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras became interested in number mysticism after discovering that one will constantly get a square number when a certain number of odd numbers are added together. After this discovery, Pythagoras and his followers concluded that everything on earth could be described using numbers and measurements. The entire universe could be reduced to a numerical value. Over time, this discovery led to the Fibonacci Sequence.

After making the initial discovery, Pythagoras created Numerology, where he and his followers began additionally describing the number in non-numerical value – they did so based on intuition and mysticism. During the sixth century B.C., the philosopher Pythagoras, most famous for his mathematical theorem, worked on a set of beliefs that reality was the physical manifestation of the vibration of numbers.

After Pythagoras’s death, numerology wasn’t seriously picked up again until the 1800s by L. Dow Balliett, who published a series of texts using Pythagoras’s theory. In her text, she argued that numbers had vibrations, music, and colours like all things in the universe. She maintained that if you were looking to live your life harmoniously, you had to live your day-to-day life – whether speaking, behaving, eating, sleeping, etc. – in harmony with your life path. While Balliett, like many numerologists, argues that vibration is a result of the movement of subatomic particles, there are not a lot of studies to support this claim. As a result, the study of numerology came to be labeled a pseudo-science.


It is also considered by some that the Bible attached a spiritual significance to some numbers, and has been speculated to have links with the concept of angel numbers. Coincidentally, while Doreen Virtue began her career as a New Age Numerology teacher, she has since denounced her work and started following the Christian path and has transferred her knowledge into her new Christian community. She now uses Christian vocabulary to describe the meaning and purpose of numbers – illustrating the nexus between some schools of Christian thought and numerology.


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