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Britain Needs Universal Basic Income

Zarlush Zaidi 14 October, 2021

In Netflix’s Squid Game, Capitalism Takes Centre Stage

Sung-ae Lee 3 October, 2021

Eating People is Wrong β€” but it’s also Widespread and Sacred

Ben Thomas 10 September, 2021

Enlightenment Wasn’t the Age of Reason

Henry Martyn Lloyd 21 August, 2021

Charisma is a Dangerous and Mysterious Gift

John Potts 30 July, 2021

Why the Pandemic Will Benefit Working Women

Zarlush Zaidi 9 July, 2021

Boredom is Necessary for the Soul

Wijnand Van Tilburg 7 July, 2021

A Belief in Meritocracy is Not Only False: It’s Bad For You

Clifton Mark 7 July, 2021

The Age of Fakes

Zarlush Zaidi 12 December, 2020

TikTok Videos May be Changing the Human Brain

Zeyd Anwar 11 September, 2020